2:30 PM14:30


Opening night, The Public Studio, 58 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto

Take the TTC blue seat sideways

spot, back and forth,

into the mouth of no neighbourhoods,

stand in the big

large very big

large, and then come back home to familiar with tired

. Both Torontos. The great divide of in and out.

Is Toronto home? Is art home?

found is a mediation of what it means to Be Here and not be here.

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7:00 PM19:00

Freedom Tube: Lost in x Space

Opening night, Xpace Cultural Centre, 303 Lansdowne Ave, Unit 2, Toronto

Freedom Tube: Lost in X Space is constructed as a new-imagining of a pre-existing (and ongoing) conceptual project. Xpace’s Project Space acts as mediated container; moreover a detached and intimate private realm.

The drinking straw as everyday artifact, oft passing through most individuals’ lives as an afterthought, is imbued with a coded nuance of resistance to crip communities. In the de-contextualized space of the white cube, the viewer is invited sans interrupting force of public display, to freely explore and interact in any and all manner, including the object’s utilitarian purpose.

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